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Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Solar Australia

Hi there

This blog has arisen in the light of the changes in the solar uptake in Australia since the Government has cut the Funding for home solar installations in 2011.  Those of you who genuinely want to contribute to reduction of greenhouse gases and save money but may find that now the cost is stopping you from going ahead, please read on...

Now that the cost of a system is increasing, its desirable to look for ways to cut the costs.  There are several possible ways to do this and probably the best way is for you to take control of your of you own installation, rather that relying on another company to entirely supply, install and connect your system.  I personally don't want to leave my solar system in the hands of a company that may not exist in 10 years time, let alone may not be around next year.  We must keep in mind that a solar system should last 30 years or more and if you plan to stick in the same home for that long (as I do) then this is an important point to remember.

Do It Yourself Solar in Australia.
Despite the rumblings of various authorities in the arena, there is no reason why its not possible for the average adept person to install their own Solar Array.  I say this under the caveat that the job must be done in accordance with the required standards and that only a licenced electrician can connect to the mains power of your house and make the connection for providing energy back into the grid.

In This Blog I will detail how this can be achieved.  I am committed to showing the people of Australia alternative ways to generate alternative energy.

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