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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where to Start with DIY Solar

A few things to consider...this is important to the success of your project.  I am a qualified engineer and these things are part of the project process one way or another, so please consider carefully.
  • Are you willing to do your installation the right way.  I mean make sure that everything you do is as required and not just "near enough is good enough"?  I completely understand at this stage you may know nothing and that kind of commitment is a little overwhelming.  The intention of this blog is to impart the knowledge required to do the job.
  • Are you willing to talk through your plans with an electrician?  This may require some cost for the service but will allow you to check the plans and also have the electrician's buy in to go ahead and sign off on what you complete. You will need to fina a Clean Energy Council Accreditied Electrician if you wish to claim Solar Rebates.
  • Are you willing to persevere?  As with any project you may find a few roadblocks along the way.  This doesn't mean there isn't a resolution, you just need to figure it out and there is help available here.

So I think that's about everything you need to consider before going ahead.  I am willing to answer questions, just submit a comment.

A few disclaimers: The information I impart will inform you on how to get the most out of sourcing and installing your own system.  It is important that you get the right approval (and advice if needed) from a licenced electrician.  I may earn money from any links you click in this blog as I will suggest certain products and services along the way that may help you.

Still interested?  The next things to consider are where will you will locate your system, the size (physical and power output) you desire and the quality of the components you wish to invest in.  Stay tuned, I will address these things...

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